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Beth Brodie

I’m an artist entrepreneur and I love to teach! After teaching class I have an extra spring in my step.  I think it’s because it’s what I’m meant to do.   Helping people gain confidence and excitement through art learning is my passion.  I love to share what I know and love to empower my students with knowledge.   Whether you are exploring painting and art making  for fun, relaxation, therapy or skill building I have an easel for you!  There are a variety of classes to choose from and if you have a request just let me know! I’ve been making art since kindergarten…the early years 🙂 and I earned a Fine Art Degree from Winthrop University to learn EVERYTHING I could about Art.  One of the wonderful things about art is that you never stop learning or improving.  All it takes is the desire and some practice.  I specialize in helping art newbies get started on their path to creativity.  Van Gogh To Go is for new and experienced artists.  Our classes are easily adaptable to any skill level. The Creative Culture has arrived!  Right now….art is making a comeback.  It’s no longer confined behind the walls of museums and galleries.  People are starting to explore visual arts again.  Art making feels more accessible and I’m excited about it.  Now more than ever, with the internet, art enthusiasts have access to education and materials that were never available.  It’s a wonderful thing!  Working in creative industries for over 25 years I’ve learned to merge my artistic ability with practical business acumen. Whether I’m teaching, producing a product or designing a publication I thrive on collaboration and sharing to energize and inspire those around me. I am a hybrid art therapist/coach/cheerleader/ARTrepreneur! Contact me for more information about classes, parties and team building events.  There is something for everyone at Van Gogh To Go!


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